I just read Gloria Lemay’sblog post “Are You A Good Candidate For A Hospital Birth?” and it really got me thinking about how to reach more people to help them understand the range of choices that exist for childbirth. I think if first-time moms really understood the challenges inherent in a hospital birth experience, they might think twice. … Continue reading


The Shaming Has to Stop

Get ready for a major soapbox post. I get it. Those of us who choose to birth outside the box are different. We make choices that don’t necessarily follow mainstream society norms. Our choices may not be in alignment with what is embraced by the obstetrical model of care. Our choices may make medical professionals … Continue reading The Shaming Has to Stop

When a Home Birth Becomes a Hospital Birth

You did everything “right.” You took Bradley Method childbirth classes. You hired a doula. You hired a midwife to attend your birth. Your diet has been perfect. You rented the birth pool. You took all of the right supplements, attended prenatal yoga classes, had regular chiropractic care, and gained a good amount of weight — not too much, not too little, … Continue reading When a Home Birth Becomes a Hospital Birth

The Differences Between Hospital and Out-of-Hospital Birth

People who have never given birth outside of a hospital may have no idea of the differences between hospital and out-of-hospital birth. What’s the big deal? You can have a natural birth in the hospital. Why would someone want to have their baby at a birth center or (gasp!) at home? The answer is not … Continue reading The Differences Between Hospital and Out-of-Hospital Birth